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Hallie’s Medical Staffing is among the nation’s most prestigious staffing companies. Hallie’s Medical Staffing is a staffing solutions provider within the Healthcare Industry. Hallie’s Medical Staffing provides placement services primarily to facilities who are seeking healthcare workers on full-time, part-time, temporary and per-diem basis for various openings. We are a staffing business that has grown and evolved with the industry through technological advances, economic shifts and the dynamics of a changing workforce. Hiring healthcare workers to fulfill hiring needs is always been a challenging task for employers. Here at Hallie’s Medical Staffing, we help our clients with their temporary & permanent staffing needs so their focus can remain on their paitents.

Hiring per-diem staff has proven to be an efficient way of meeting short term requirements within the time frame. At Hallie’s Medical Staffing we help our clients by providing them with a number of healthcare workers who are happy to work short term / travel assignments. Many of the facilities we work for require Healthcare resources for their daily, weekly, per-diem & travel needs. We have a number of candidates registered with us who actively seek this type of work.

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Running short-staffed high turnover & inefficient processes breed risk & burnout. Not only does it prevent them from performing their best, but it also deprives patients of the exceptional care they deserve. We are a network of Certified Healthcare workers who want to work when you need them most, from Per diem supplemental staffing to overtime.We work closely with your team to fill gaps as an immediate solution and provide process improvement solutions to decrease friction and optimize workflow, Increase patient safety and satisfaction & Make systems more efficient and profitable

We Specialize In Temporary, Contract And Permanent Placements. The Constant Challenge Faced By Hospital Nursing Supervisors To Provide Adequate Patient Care Creates The Business For Us. Occasionally, We Will Provide Services To Other Inpatient Facilities Such As Rehab Centers, Sub-Acute And Long Term Care Facilities. We Are Committed To Developing And Transforming Talent To A Facility’s Values And Culture. From The Front Line To The Healthcare Workers, We Partner With Our Clients To Transform Their Faciliy Towards Excellence. With The Help Of Our Exceptional Recruiters And Consultants, We Identify And Fulfil The Needs Of Employees And Employers To Create Long-Term Partnerships.

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Hallie’s Medical Staffing helps organizations solve their healthcare shortage challenges by delivering top notch quality healthcare professionals.

The Top 6 “Tried & Tested” Strategies To Attract Top Quality Nursing Candidates

One of the major challenges that healthcare hiring managers experience is the recruitment of top-quality nursing candidates. As per the statistics, the nursing candidates graduating every year are insufficient to meet the current requirement of such professionals in the healthcare sector. On the other hand, however, there is a question of hiring the perfect candidate from a pool of applications that accentuates the importance of the manager’s expertise in distinguishing between a mediocre and a top quality nursing candidate.

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